Evelyn Bradley

"As I began to make it part of our daily routine to get in sync for learning, it made both teaching and learning easier. The children are quite excited about their ability to feel better quickly when they get upset and calm themselves in stressful situations, instead of just reacting. I also noticed that my students are kinder to each other."

– Evelyn Bradley
Fifth-grade teacher

Institute of HeartMath Education

Social and Emotional Learning

Why Students Need Social and Emotional Learning

Given the extraordinary levels of emotional stress and turmoil that today’s students face, helping them build emotional flexibility and resilience has never been more important.

For almost all students, there are direct links between their social and emotional resilience and the quality of their relationships and their ability to learn and perform academically.

Students who build a foundation of social and emotional intelligence become more confident about their learning abilities and more able to motivate themselves, set goals, organize their approach to work, try harder and perform better. They also are better able to build mutually beneficial networks of collaborative relationships with peers and teachers that will support, motivate, and reinforce their efforts and achievements.

The HeartMath Difference

Although we support all social and emotional programs that increase emotional awareness, central and unique to HeartMath’s supplemental educational programs and technology are a set of scientifically validated, age-appropriate, emotion self-regulation tools and techniques. These heart-based solutions for helping people access the wisdom and guidance of their hearts – their heart’s intuitive discernment – are being used by people around the world in all walks of life who wish to find mental, emotional and physical balance. Research related to our techniques has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as American Journal of Cardiology, and Stress Medicine. Rather than repressing or venting emotions, students and teachers using the tools and techniques learn to harness the power of their emotions for positive performance and success in life.

Working with educators over the last 15 years, we have woven age-appropriate versions of our emotion self-regulation tools and techniques into supplemental learning programs that are helping preschoolers through University students develop a foundation of practical emotional intelligence and resilience.

HeartMath Social and Emotional Learning Programs

Early HeartSmarts for Pre-K

Early HeartSmarts® for Pre-K-Kindergarten, Ages 3-6

This fun and engaging program trains teachers to guide and support young children, ages 3-6, in learning emotion self-regulation and key age-appropriate socioemotional competencies, with the goal of promoting their emotional, social and cognitive development. Enjoy the full program description or learn about the theoretical basis of Early HeartSmarts®.

HeartSmarts® (Grades 3-5) Ages 7-11


HeartSmarts® teaches students, ages 7-11, about their emotional physiology and gives them a set of age-appropriate resilience-building tools to help manage stress, improve learning and strengthen relationships. Short lessons use experiential learning in pairs and small groups for problem-solving, improving relationships and engaging in collaborative discussion of topics related to school performance. Go to HeartSmarts Grades 3-5.