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Notice and Ease™ Tool

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Once you name and then identify and admit unwanted feelings such as anxiety, tension, anger, worry and sadness, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to neutralize and release them. The simple steps of Notice and Ease will guide you, teaching you to take the intensity out of negative emotions, ease them out and experience more good feelings such as joy, compassion and vitality. These positive emotions will increase the biochemical DHEA, which promotes emotional vitality, slows the aging process and offsets the stress hormone cortisol.

Notice and Ease Tool

The Notice and Ease tool helps you identify and neutralize unwanted emotions. Learn to release disturbing feelings such as anxiety, tension, worry and sadness by befriending them and stopping their energy drain.

Notice and Ease Tool

As you take the intensity or steam out of negative emotions and clear the uncomfortable feelings, you begin experiencing more good feelings such as joy, compassion and vitality. Feelings of positive emotions like appreciation and care increase the biochemical DHEA, which promotes emotional vitality, slows down the aging process and offsets the stress hormone cortisol.

Notice and Ease Tool

Step 1: Notice and admit what you are feeling.

To gain more insight about your emotions, you will need to become more aware of what you are feeling. Noticing and admitting what you are feeling requires slowing down and taking stock. Periodically, throughout the day simply pause and notice how you feel. It takes only a few seconds to ask, "What am I feeling right now?" Don’t judge whatever you are feeling. Instead, observe what’s flowing through your emotions. You’ll discover new things about your emotional patterns and what triggers less desirable emotions in you.

Notice and Ease Tool

Step 2: Try to name the feeling.

Simply by naming the feeling to yourself, whatever it is – worry, anxiety, frustration, anger, sadness, hurt, resistance or even a vague disturbance – will help you admit what you are feeling. Being honest about naming what we are feeling helps regulate our emotional energy, slowing down the emotional energy running through our system and giving us more power. We can then redirect emotional energy to work for us instead of having it leave us feeling drained throughout the day.

Notice and Ease Tool

Step 3: Tell yourself to e-a-s-e …

as you gently focus in your heart, relax as you breathe and e-a-s-e the stress out. As you tell yourself to ease in your heart, relax and ease the stressful emotion out, feel as if the unwanted emotion is leaving your system. Don’t force it out; ease it out. Befriend the reaction by holding it in your heart, then let the feeling ease out of your system. If you try to fight your feelings or push them away, they will gain energy. Befriending your feelings will help you clear.

Notice and Ease Tool

Keep using the Notice and Ease™ tool for one minute or longer, until you feel something lighten up, even if you don’t get an immediate, complete release. Quite often you can experience so many feelings within just five minutes. Don’t let this confuse you. Don’t even try to figure out why. Just keep practicing the Notice and Ease tool until your energies come back in balance. Then listen to the intuitive guidance of your heart on what to do next.

Notice and Ease Tool

Feelings are like a code that contains information. You have to name and befriend your feelings to decipher the code. Admit the truth of your feeling world and allow new intuitive perceptions to come to you. Observing our emotions and then practicing Notice and Ease helps change our emotional feelings, giving us a new ability to reduce the drain of negative emotions and replace them with emotions that are more renewing.


  • Transforming Anxiety: Childre, Rozman. You’ll be amazed at how much calmer and relaxed you feel after trying the three quick steps of HeartMath’s Notice and Ease™ Tool, a complete discussion of which is included in this enlightening HeartMath book, and which has helped so many people take the intensity out of negative emotions and clear uncomfortable feelings.
  • Eliminating Anxiety: This emTech Media e-booklet also contains a thorough discussion of the simple, but powerful Notice and Ease™ Tool, and is available in an MP3 audio program as well.
  • emWave® Desktop for Mac and PC: Watch your heart rhythms in real time and see how changing emotions affect them. Discover which emotions you can activate to effectively manage stress and boost vitality. The emWave Desktop, with a patented, noninvasive heart-rhythm monitor, is a software/hardware program that collects pulse data through a fingertip or ear sensor and translates the information from your heart rhythms into user-friendly graphics displayed on your computer monitor. You’ll also receive Coherence Coach™, an entertaining software application that teaches the Quick Coherence Technique.