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Every life has its challenges.
Every heart has its answers.

Every Life has its Challenge

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About Us

IHM Team

INTRODUCTION: The Institute of HeartMath’s leaders are knowledgeable, dedicated and caring individuals committed to fostering research of stress management, emotional physiology, human energetics and intuition. They continually reassess current strategies and develop new ones in the educational sector to improve learning and academic achievement. They are developing effective interventions in the health community for optimizing personal performance, managing a range of debilitating conditions and training individuals in skills for building resilience.

IHM Leaders

About the Founder: HeartMath founder Doc Childre’s vision since the 1980s has been demonstrating to people that harnessing the intelligence of the heart can lead them away from the destructive cycles of stress and strife. Meet Doc.

Officers and Executives: Ensuring efficient operations and a fiscally sound business model, while maintaining compassion and heart focus toward employees and the thousands of people IHM serves, are goals to which its Officers and Executives aspire.

Board of Directors: The members of the Institute of HeartMath’s Board of Directors bring diverse personal and educational backgrounds and life experience to their work overseeing the policies and goals of the nonprofit organization.

Scientific Advisory Board: The institute’s Scientific Advisory Board comprises a group of prestigious and internationally recognized leaders in physics/biophysics/astrophysics, education, mathematics and engineering, and cardiology, biofeedback and psychology among other medical disciplines.