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Grants and Funding

Many educators inquire about specialized funds in their schools or districts for purchasing HeartMath educational products and technologies. Your school or district may have such funds available in several funding categories, including prevention, character education, Title 1, Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, technology, school improvement or staff development. Please ask your principal or district office for guidance. Educators often are able to obtain funding through a wide range of community sources, local and private companies and foundations.

How to Write a Grant?

The Internet is full of helpful information for grant writers, however inexperienced or seasoned they may be. Reviewing others’ successful proposals is a great way to learn how to write a fundable proposal. Checklists and step-by-step guidelines also are very helpful. SchoolGrants is good source for learning to write proposals.

HeartMath Education Sponsorship Projects

You can apply to HeartMath Education Projects for assistance. Eligible applicants who obtain at least 50% of the funds they need for HeartMath products from their schools or districts can receive the rest through our Education Sponsorship Fund. Learn More.