Introducing the New emWave®2

for personal use in the home, school, office and everywhere else

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Portable and Powerful

emWave®2 is a breakthrough technology that the Institute of HeartMath, the leading researcher in heart-brain communication, has designed to literally show you how stress is effecting your body, and through detailed feedback in the form of graphs, lights and sound, helps you build inner resilience.

What’s inner resilience? It’s that sought after state of poise and readiness for effectively dealing with whatever challenges come your way. In other words, people or things may still push your button, but you now have the ability to reset and bounce back with ease.

emWave2 is a powerful antidote to the daily stresses of modern living.

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The Full Package Includes Everything You’ll Need to Rejuvenate, De-Stress, and Perform Better.

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USB Compatibility

USB cable connects emWave2 mobile device for hot-syncing to your PC or Mac, enabling you to get detailed reports and in-depth tracking of your progress, as well as running session in real-time. (Cable included.)

Watch the emWave2 Intro Video Buy Now

emWave2 – in charcoal-gray or silver-blue

"All I can say is that it works… not sure how it works, not sure I care. The thing that matters is that it empowers me to stay my best—even under tough circumstances. Thanks HeartMath!"

Mark H.
Minneapolis, MN