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Profile for Instructor: Dr. JN (Janet) Maus 

Name Dr. JN (Janet) Maus 
Title CEO 
Company Name Heart to Heart Stress Management? 
Business Type Educator and student training for improving test scores and reducing test anxiety while learning tools for achieving one's peak performance 
Country USA 
Address 6507 Old Branch Avenue, Suite 202 
City Camp Springs 
State MD 
Zip Code 20735 
Phone/Fax/Cell 240.312.3521 - Direct: 301.297.4666 - Cell: 240.417.7372 
Bio Advertising Executive, Promoter, and Private Piano Teacher for over 40 years. I teach piano students to apply dynamics of music and play the piano from the heart through learning HeartMath's TestEdge tools. I coach individuals to tap into their creative energies and skills to expand their performance in their areas of expertise; to be self aware, flexible, to boost their performance, health, and improve their resilience and decision making. 

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