Institute of HeartMath
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Heart Moments 2012 Calendar and IHM Membership

People around the world can connect with each other to help create the upside of the current planetary shift.

The 2012 Heart Moments Wall Calendar was designed to serve you as a monthly reminder to stay focused and keep what really matters in your heart. Each month of your calendar will include original artwork of a heart moment that helps convey a particular heart feeling, or what HeartMath calls heart frequency.

HeartMath will suggest a particular tool and inspirational quote to help you gain access to each month’s heart frequency. Additionally, your calendar will come with special days marked for all of us to do a synchronized collective Quick Coherence or to send out appreciation for someone or something in our lives. Calendars are shipped to you on November 1st.

Heart Moments Calendar

(12"x24" opened, art designed by Jeanette Stevenson ( and Sandy Royall (IHM Staff/Artist).

Benefits of Membership:

  • Insights Into Action: an in-depth, monthly series of 12 inspiring and informative messages for members only.
  • Two Exclusive Webinars: Each contains one of HeartMath’s life-changing tools and techniques.
  • My Member Page: Enjoy your own personal space within the HeartMath Community.
  • e-Program Downloads (PDF and audio): You receive free downloads of e-booklets, MP3s, scientific papers and e-music.
  • Members Only Sale Discounts: Receive special discounts twice each year on all web store products during our Members Only Sale.
  • Featured Product Discount: Your My Member Page displays a different Featured Product Discount every other month.
  • Free e-Product: Select a free gift from some of HeartMath’s most popular products.
  • Webinar Archives: Exclusive in-depth webinars free for members only.