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INTRODUCTION: Everyone faces major stressors today – the rapid pace of life, endless demands on our time, worries over climate change and global unrest. It all takes a tremendous toll on our sensibilities, balance and energy reserves. The Institute of HeartMath’s Communities Project provides individuals, families and organizations relief. Whether it’s sponsorship of emotion-refocusing tools for 911 first responders or requiring special resilience training firefighters, HeartMath for Communities helps thousands each year. So many needing assistance can’t access HeartMath’s tools and training. So, HeartMath for Communities is responding by offering scholarships – to individuals such as firefighters and parents and caring, compassionate organizations like senior care facilities, social-service agencies and service clubs.

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Nonprofit organizations such as veterans centers, churches, support groups assisting battered women’s shelters, agencies helping troubled youth, single parents and others in need are among the many organizations that benefit from the HeartMath for Communities Project.

Parent Groups

Parent Groups

Often their work is never-ending. Financial and other support is scarce. Yet, perseverance and dedication remain hallmarks of school PTA’s and PTO’s, support groups for parents of special education and gifted children and others. HeartMath is providing training to lessen the stress of their labors.



Countless entities such as volunteer fire departments, community centers, service clubs like Rotary and Lions and other caring and compassionate organizations are contributing to their communities in a multitude of ways. The HeartMath for Communities Project is providing the HeartMath De-Stress Workshop to local and regional nonprofit organizations to help them carry on the wonderful work they do.

Military Families

Military Families

The families of military personnel endure many hardships – sometimes great pain, loss and grief – as they await the return of their sons and daughters, fathers and mothers or other relatives from bases around the world. The HeartMath De-stress Workshop helps military families reduce stress and build resilience in their lives.

Social Services

Social Services

Social service agencies provide assistance and support to the underserved, often when they are experiencing great stress and frustration in their lives. The De-Stress Workshop is ideally suited to support their important mission by helping people reduce stress and achieve emotional balance.

Senior Care

Senior Care

Senior care facilities – nursing homes, in-home services, senior centers and others – help those who can no longer fully help themselves. HeartMath’s De-Stress Workshop supplements these caring services by teaching seniors heart-focused tools and techniques that can improve the quality of their lives.

You Can Make the Difference

Your donations and energetic support of HeartMath for Communities insures we are able to provide vital tools and training to benefit not just those who are immediately served, but also the many thousands of others they serve in their communities as well.

Training for the Benefit of Thousands

Donate today to the HeartMath for Communities Project, which offers the license to train staff members of nonprofits, community support groups and other caring organizations, to give the HeartMath Training to those they serve. They will be qualified to teach HeartMath’s tools and techniques for connecting with the power of the heart and creating more effective solutions for stressful situations.

Monthly Giving ensures the future. The ability to plan ahead greatly enhances our outreach efforts and reduces administrative and mailing costs. Even small amounts made monthly are significant and can be made through our automatic payment program. Simply choose your monthly gift amount and enroll online or by mail and your gift will be processed automatically each month.

Losing a family member, friend or special person is a difficult time in all of our lives. Through your In Memoriam contributions, you can remember and honor them, and at the same time help the HeartMath for Communities Project, which is reaching out to the organizations that do so much in our communities.

Please consider making a Contribution In Honor Of an organization or individual whose work, kindness or generosity you wish to recognize. Whether it is a tireless volunteer or an organization that is helping someone you know or contributing to the betterment of your community, the Institute of HeartMath invites you to express your appreciation with your donation.

Join your Company/Corporate Matching Gift Program to support the HeartMath for Communities Project. Many employers will match employees’ contributions to the Institute of HeartMath, so here is an easy way to double the value of your gift. Check whether your company or employer participates in a matching gift program by contacting your human resources department.

By making the HeartMath Institute your Planned Giving partner, you will help us continue offering life-changing tools and services into the future for free through the HeartMath for Communities Project. Your participation can help both you and the institute meet future financial goals, while at the same time providing those who serve others heart-focused skills they can share with their constituencies.

HeartMath for Communities Scholarship Application

Scholarships are awarded to applicants representing community, parent and senior groups, nonprofit entities, social services agencies and other caring organizations that provide local and regional services to communities. Learn more about the scholarships and complete an application for the HeartMath for Communities Project Scholarships. Note: You also need to submit the HeartMath Certified Trainer Program Application.

HeartMath Training Testimonials

So many of those who have participated in HeartMath Training, have come away with new life-changing skills, inspiration and hope. Here are some of the comments of those who attended workshops in Northern California.

"Great. The Freeze-Frame Technique… helped me get out of my stuck/funk place/attitude. Good technique for reminding oneself to replace stressors and negative thoughts and feeling with positive attitudes."

– Ed Teitcher, attended workshop at Inner Light Ministries, Santa Cruz, Calif.

"Great. Got some excellent info. Feeling the shift. It was like a big comfort happened. I plan to use this process before teaching my class."

– Jane Hofstetter, art teacher, attended workshop at HealthTrust, San Jose, Calif.

"This is a great set of simple tools to use daily for increasing your resilience in challenging times and situations."

– Cori Burt, attended workshop at Mountain Community Resources, Felton, Calif.

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