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"About 320 students are introduced to the emWave® as part of my cooperative learning and leadership program each year. We explore emotions and how they can help or hinder what we do. We get into what is coherence and how that helps the mind and body perform better, like with test-taking. They all get it."

– Linda Gancitano
health teacher, Driftwood Middle Academy of Health and Wellness, Hollywood, Florida

Institute of HeartMath Education Technology

Welcome to emWave® Technology for Education

The emWave® technology has been used to help thousands of students, from ages 8 to 80, in classrooms, computer labs, counseling centers and at home.

The emWave Desktop version is the most popular in educational environments. The easy-to-use software program with heart-rhythm monitor is based on recent evidence that emotions are reflected in our heart-rhythm patterns. Students who have the opportunity to practice with the emWave self-regulation technology gain a number of key benefits, including improved academic focus, impulse control, emotional resilience, attitudes and behavior. All are keys to helping students become more resilient and perform at their optimum level.

"Through the emWave, my students were able to identify what emotions interfered with their performance and then, using some of the HeartMath skills, neutralize those emotions so their brains could function better. Even the best students found it helpful."

– Gail Haase, director of development and research, Trinity Christian Schools, Las Vegas, Nev.

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emWave® Technology Spotlight
Using emWave Technology for Children with ADHD

Using emWave Technology For Children With ADHD—An Evidence-Based Intervention

Included are suggested best practices, protocols from two studies and comments from clinicians about how they use the emWave with young ADHD clients. The science behind the emWave is highlighted to provide a deeper understanding of the dynamic relationships between the brain, nervous system and heart. In addition, several checklists and support resources are added to further strengthen your knowledge and skill for using the emWave with children diagnosed with ADHD. Click to download.

To learn more about the emWave Educational Technology and how it can improve your students’ academic performance and emotional resilience, e-mail us at or call (800) 711-6221.