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"I think HeartMath should be taught to one and all, as it is the best method to become calm and composed in five minutes."

– Gautam Yadav, student, New Delhi, India

"I and many others get test anxiety. I use the Freeze Frame® Technique on myself before a test or those times when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I feel very clear in my head, which allows me to block out any disturbances and perform to the best of my ability."

– Rachael Lindgren, student and Miss Ohio Valley Outstanding Teen, 2008, Greentown, Ind.

Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath have identified a measurable physiological state that underlies optimal learning, performance and resilience. Their research shows that while in this state our brain, nervous system and other bodily systems function with increased efficiency. Their research also shows that stress and negative emotions adversely influence learning and performance.

Many athletes and performers refer to this state as being in the zone, and research shows that it actually facilitates the higher cognitive processes critical for focusing attention, reasoning and creativity. Education research publications.

HeartMath’s findings led to the development of easy-to-teach supplemental programs that have helped thousands of students improve comprehension, memory recall, problem-solving, test scores and overall academic performance as well as attitudes, behavior and relationships at home, school and play.

Learn what HeartMath’s TestEdge® National Demonstration Study revealed about the effects of test anxiety on student performance and how students can not only overcome it, but even excel in school.

HeartMath’s supplemental learning programs, relying on years of educational research, have proven successful in school settings around the world. They are aimed at clearing the mental and emotional blocks that inhibit learning and social success and building emotional resilience. HeartMath programs teach students to identify and self-regulate emotions with its science-based techniques and emWave® technology so they can build a strong foundation for lifelong learning that is successful and joyful.

Programs for learners of all ages focus on teaching students to better recognize and self-regulate stress, counter the effects of test anxiety and other emotion-based blocks to learning. The skills they learn help stabilize the brain’s electrical activity, resulting in cortical facilitation, which is associated with improved comprehension, memory recall and problem-solving.

Older students learn to recognize relationship issues, attitudes and stressors such as test anxiety that inhibit academic performance and success in school and life. Most important, they learn to use HeartMath’s simple techniques and emWave® technology for overcoming them.

Younger students are introduced to the world of emotions. They participate in fun lessons that teach age-appropriate self-regulation techniques for the purpose of promoting their emotional, cognitive and social development. Supplemental Classroom Programs.

The Institute of HeartMath has tried to anticipate the needs of students, parents/guardians and educators, including teachers, counselors, administrators and other school staff with a series of informative discussions available on this Web site.

We encourage you to visit our Education Applications to browse answers and helpful information for your questions and concerns related to implementing HeartMath programs in a range of school environments. Topics include: special needs and gifted students, mathematics, language arts and English-language acquisition, test-taking, sports, health and wellness and programs for teachers and staff.

Students and teachers who strive to be better and even excel in education don’t always have the means to access resources that can help them succeed. That is why the Heart-Based Education Sponsorship Fund was created, to provide grants to students and educators so they can use HeartMath’s programs, techniques and technology to help them achieve their dreams. If you or someone you know is interested in knowing more about this HeartMath Caring Initiative, learn more or apply.

Schools interested in helpful information on grant writing, funding sources and information about the Institute of HeartMath’s research and educational programs that may be helpful for a grant proposal should visit our funding section.

Being a good teacher or other education professional often is a matter of resilience. Those who enter the field of education do so out of a desire to enlighten others and, more important, to instill in them a desire to learn about the world around them. Often, however, the daily challenges of teaching and working in the classroom, administration and other school settings can lead to burnout.

HeartMath’s professional development programs are designed to help educators find more balance and ease. As educators learn to build and sustain resilience, they are more able to reconnect with the spark that led them into teaching. The Resilient Educator® workshop is helping educators reenergize, boost performance and improve school relationships.

The HeartMath® Interventions Certification Program is preparing and certifying licensed counselors, psychologists, social workers, educational therapists and other health-care professionals to add HeartMath tools, technologies and protocols to their work with students. Learn more.

Parents want to know their children are safe, healthy and happy. After that their hope is that they receive the best education possible. The Institute of HeartMath certainly embraces those priorities, and we’re working to make sure your children can enjoy many successful years in school.

HeartMath’s learning programs are uniquely suited for students who receive their formal education in traditional and nontraditional settings, including home schools. As a parent, you are intimately familiar with how your child learns. IHM also knows about how children learn because we’ve been studying the physiology of learning for nearly two decades.

We’ve helped thousands of children around the world with learning programs designed to supplement traditional and more modern methods of education.

Programs like Early HeartSmarts® Ages 3-6, HeartSmarts® Grades 3-5 and the TestEdge® learning programs for different age groups will open your children’s eyes to new possibilities in learning. Learn more about these programs.

You will be pleased by HeartMath’s heart-focused approach to education and your child’s excitement and joy in learning. HeartMath’s free tools and techniques for students age 3 through 18+ will help you educate the whole child.