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Our Focus

Institute of HeartMath (IHM)

Children in South Korean orphanages, combat veterans experiencing the trauma of war in medical facilities and preschoolers in Utah learning emotional skills are using HeartMath training and technology to transform their lives.

They are among hundreds of thousands of people in more than 50 countries benefitting from the life-changing programs and services of the Institute of HeartMath, a nonprofit research and education organization whose mission is to create a better world. The institute helps people of all ages connect with the power and intelligence of their hearts and self-regulate emotions to reduce stress, rebalance and rejuvenate.

People worldwide are practicing simple HeartMath techniques like Quick Coherence® and the Power of Neutral® to find more ease in stressful situations; students are participating in HeartMath learning programs like TestEdge® and HeartSmarts® to improve their academic performance and social and emotional skills; and children and adults are using the internationally acclaimed emWave® technology to de-stress, and build the emotional resilience needed for today’s world.

Each day, thousands of visitors on our Web site take advantage of the institute’s free services, which feature nearly 20 years of research and knowledge, practical self-assessment tools and solutions that work to improve their performance at home, school, work and play.

Since 1991, the institute’s Research Center has made important scientific contributions related to stress, the power of positive emotions, heart-rhythm coherence and other areas, including the emerging fields of intuition and human energetics.

Our researchers have explored the intelligence and capabilities of the human heart and how emotional restructuring and positive emotions can increase emotional well-being, energy and performance.

HeartMath Education Programs like TestEdge® and HeartSmarts® benefit students, teachers, administrators and other educators by helping motivate and engage students in learning, while improving test scores, overall academic performance, relationships and emotional balance.

The Resilient Educator® is helping reduce teacher burnout and improve their health and well-being. Participants report that this training program has helped them think more clearly and communicate better with colleagues, students and their parents. Following the training, teachers and other educators report greater job satisfaction and career commitment.

The generosity of the institute’s members and supporters is improving the lives of people in many places by giving them the opportunity to benefit from HeartMath’s tools, techniques and technology. These are provided to individuals and organizations in need of special assistance in the form of grants through our Caring Initiatives:

The Heart-Based Education Sponsorship Fund offers grants to schools, students, teachers and other educators.

The Military Service Appreciation Fund assists soldiers and veterans who have experienced extreme stress, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and other depleting conditions. Read how the Armed Forces are using HeartMath’s Coherence Advantage™ resilience training to help personnel sharpen situational awareness, reduce operational stress, and find more effective solutions for dealing with family issues.

IHM provides free programs through our HeartMath for Communities Project to assist individuals and families weathering difficult times. We train the staff of community service agencies and other nonprofit organizations to present the two-hour HeartMath® De-Stress Workshop™, at no cost, to those they serve, helping them reduce stress, restore energy and build self-confidence and resilience.

The Global Coherence Monitoring System (GCMS) is the technology component of the Global Coherence Initiative, a project launched in 2008 by the Institute of HeartMath. The GCMS is measuring changes in the earth’s magnetic field and hypothesizes that people’s collective positive emotions can influence the earth’s field and ultimately help to foster balance, cooperation and world peace.

Please accept our warm invitation to come and explore our Web site. There is much for you to see, experience and learn, and we look forward to showing you how membership in a caring organization dedicated to improving people’s lives and the world around us can benefit you.

We feel deeply about the importance of supporting people in their efforts to bring more heart into their daily lives—with themselves, each other and our planet. There is a growing community of people who think and feel this way that meet and share their stories and thoughts in HeartMath’s online communities.