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When all of our intentions and actions in daily life originate from the intuitive wisdom of our hearts, when we feel and act with sincere appreciation, caring and kindness for others – all qualities of the heart – and when we can observe the world around us without the preset judgments of the mind, but rather with the compassion in our hearts, then we will truly be living life from the heart.

A growing number of people are discovering that living life from the heart is a beautiful way to walk through life and observe the world around us. Among the greatest gifts of living from the heart, besides improved health, self-confidence and personal performance, are a sense of fulfillment and general well-being.

Equally important is the sincere caring and compassion we begin feeling for our fellow human beings. This is especially evident during times of great need. Giving back at such times – to a loved one, friend or someone far removed from us – can generate a wave of good that extends far beyond the generous act of fulfilling another’s immediate need for assistance.

Giving back creates the hope of a better future for a child struggling in school, a soldier seeking to return to society or those who are in ill health, coping with loss or facing other challenges. Giving back can inspire the one who receives to succeed and someday give to another, and it can energize a great many people to service until a chain of giving back weaves its way around the globe.

You can be the one who gives back by making a commitment to heart-based living, by choosing each day to think, feel and act from the heart, where caring, compassion and love reside. You can be an inspiration and a catalyst for others to become links in the chain.

Our promise at IHM is to give back by working every day to help people live healthier, happier lives – people like Kitty, a cancer survivor.

"These past few years, HeartMath has been a strong foundation of hope and joy and inner peace while dealing with the pain and various other effects of a rare form of cancer.

I doubt I’d make it through the day were it not for the loving, uplifting guidance and encouragement of HeartMath. …The love and support I receive is proving to be bigger than the cancer in my body. … I encourage others to take advantage of the hope that HeartMath offers."

– Kitty West, mother of three, musician living in North Carolina

Choose how you’ll give back: The Institute of HeartMath has come up with a number of ways from which you can choose to care for and give hope to someone in need: Here are some.

  • Download the free GoodSearch Toolbar. Then, every time you search the Internet or shop online, you’ll raise money for IHM. Follow the link and learn how it works and how easy it is to get started. GoodSearch Toolbar is now a link.
  • Become a member of IHM, connect with your heart and make a pledge to create a better and more caring world. Follow the link to learn about the many benefits of membership.
  • HeartMath’s Caring Initiatives place life-changing programs, tools and technology into the hands of those who need them most. If you know of students, teachers, nonprofit organizations in your community or military personnel that could use some assistance, tell them they can apply to the Heart-Based Education Sponsorship Fund, Military Service Appreciation Fund or the HeartMath for Communities Project.
  • The Monthly Giving program makes giving more convenient for our supporters and provides HeartMath greater security that it can continue its important work and services on behalf of people of all ages.
  • Many supporters of HeartMath are ensuring that resources are available for future generations to benefit from the institute’s programs and services. They are giving back by participating in the Planned Giving program. Follow the link to learn more.

The Institute of HeartMath dedicated itself nearly 20 years ago to helping people reduce stress in their lives and connect with the power and intelligence of their hearts to improve themselves and the world. HeartMath remains steadfast in that commitment today.

We ask you to search your heart and make your own commitment to give back. Together, we can change the life of a single child or adult or inspire a thousand people to start living life from the heart. Learn more.