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Institute of HeartMath Online Communities

HeartMath’s Online Communities

We all are interconnected, but it goes deeper than our outward similarities, common dreams or ability to converse with one another. Our connectedness is energetic and profound, and it is abundantly apparent in HeartMath’s online communities, where people meet, share and grow the connection daily.

HeartMath on Facebook

Stay connected with one another and the Institute of HeartMath on Facebook, where you can share in our interconnectedness and discover new ideas for living life from the heart. Come for the commentary and camaraderie, and join the conversation.

HeartMath My Kids! on Facebook

There is so much we all can do for children – their happiness and well-being. HeartMath My Kids! is a special Facebook page caring family, friends and professionals are visiting to do just that. So, come along.

HeartMath for Troops, Veterans and Families on Facebook

HeartMath has assisted our service members, veterans and their families for many years. We invite you to learn about the many free resources, exclusive offers, tips and to connect with current or former military personnel on the HeartMath for Troops, Veterans and Families Facebook Page.

HeartMath on YouTube

HeartMath’s message of the intelligence and revitalizing power of the heart is reaching people in so many ways, including on YouTube. Webinar and video presentations featuring knowledgeable professionals, noted researchers and celebrated authors and speakers are a click away.

HeartMath on Twitter

If you twitter, then you must visit Institute of HeartMath’s Twitter page. It’s a veritable clearinghouse of Tweets describing all the nice, heartfelt things people who truly care about one another and our planet are doing in the world.

Global Coherence Initiative on Facebook

Perhaps you already are a GCI member, are unfamiliar with it or know little about IHM’s special initiative. Either way, stay informed and in touch or get connected with GCI’s mission of global harmony on its informative Facebook page.

Global Coherence Initiative on YouTube

Global Coherence Initiative message is about a science-based, co-creative project to unite people in heart-focused care and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace. Video presentations featuring speakers and researchers are a click away.

Global Coherence Initiative on Twitter

The shift in human consciousness toward global peace and stability is speeding up. Join thousands of others who follow the Global Coherence Initiative on Twitter, and read what our scientists are working on today and what GCI followers are tweeting.

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You’re familiar by now with HeartMath and its heart-based mission, the years of researching stress, heart intelligence and our emotions; life-changing tools, technology and programs; and outreach to so many – students, teachers, health workers and soldiers. Want to tell others? Click on the Share icon.