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Welcome to IHM’s Alliances

Diverse alliances enrich IHM’s research, technology and tools for reducing stress, building resilience and improving performance. HeartMath believes maintaining professional relationships and partnerships with scientific, health, educational, business and other public and private entities is essential to continued relevance amid the complexities of today’s world.


  • Youth Learning Institute, Clemson University, Clemson, S.C.

    The Institute of HeartMath and the Youth Learning Institute (YLI) at Clemson University have a close relationship. YLI, one of the country’s premiere experiential learning centers, has created several programs incorporating HeartMath tools, techniques and technology into their youth development, juvenile justice and academic education programs. One, developed in collaboration with IHM staff, is a three-day academic experience and a weeklong summer camp called The Edge. This unique summer adventure features interactive tools and techniques that test potential through intellectual, physical and group-based challenges. Kids learn to overcome the stress of high-stakes challenges and improve focus, clarity and problem-solving. Go to Clemson University Web site.

  • University of Cincinnati Math Anxiety Project, Clermont, Ohio

    The University of Cincinnati, Clermont College and the Greater Cincinnati Tech Prep Consortium partnered to address the pedagogical needs of high school students in mathematics to prepare them for higher education. They began a research study with high school juniors struggling with math anxiety and needing to pass the math portion of the COMPASS entrance exam. Poor performance on the entrance exam delays eligibility for required academic courses that are essential to each student’s career track. Initial results showed substantial gains among a small group of students, leading to an expansion of the initiative. In the program’s fourth year professors Michael Vislocky, Ph.D. and Ron Leslie, Ph.D., integrated HeartMath into math classes with the principal and math teacher’s help as part of their College Prep Readiness Program. They conducted the program over seven weeks and found an average 73% increase in math scores on the COMPASS exam. Go to Efficacy and Implementation of HeartMath Instruction in College Readiness Program.

  • California State University

    Numerous faculty at various campuses in the California State University system are collaborating with the HeartMath Research Center and Education Division to study how HeartMath tools and technologies can help improve academic performance and reduce the number of high school dropouts.

    For example, the math department at CSU Fresno is collaborating on a study to evaluate the efficacy of a program for improving learning of entry-level college math skills. Also, a study investigating the effectiveness of HeartMath programs at helping teachers is under way at San Jose State University.

Corporate and Healthcare

  • HeartMath LLC, Boulder Creek, Calif.

    HeartMath LLC (HMLLC), a sister company of the Institute of HeartMath, has established a global reputation for unique researched-based techniques, products, services and proprietary technology that help individuals and organizations in the workplace and at home boost energy, achieve heart coherence and transform the stress of change and uncertainty.

    HeartMath LLC is a cutting-edge learning and performance company that develops products and programs that have been used on five continents and in more than 50 countries by over 500,000 executives, managers, staff, physicians, educators, health professionals, athletes, a broad range of medical patients, law officers, military personnel, students and parents.

    HeartMath’s emWave® PC/Mac Stress Relief System is used by hundreds of thousands of individuals to reduce stress and improve health, learning and focus. HeartMath Organizational Programs have resulted in dramatic improvements in the health and performance of executives, staff retention and customer satisfaction, as well as personal benefits to employee health, well-being, learning and resilience. These programs are used by global energy, manufacturing, retail and personal care products companies, among others.

    HeartMath’s Staff Retention and Patient Education programs are utilized by an array of healthcare operations, including hospitals, clinics and health plans, and healthcare professionals such as doctors, psychologists, nurses, patients and health spas.

    HeartMath LLC manages the product, services, program and technology needs of corporations, healthcare facilities and other institutions and organizations. Go to HeartMath LLC Web site.


  • Sino-American Stress Management Center, China

    HeartMath recently expanded its geographic footprint by forming an alliance with Genesis Education Group. This powerful collaborative partnership will bring HeartMath’s effective cutting-edge training programs and products to China’s rapidly growing market.

    Genesis Education Group, established in China in 1995, is well known for its outstanding reputation, expertise and commitment to providing the highest quality experiential training to individuals, teams and organizations.

    The Genesis Group has funded and formed a nonprofit research organization called the Sino-American Stress Management Center. The HeartMath Research Center in Boulder Creek, California has agreed to a long-term collaborative relationship with the new center to facilitate data analysis and research relating to different aspects of stress, as well as to assist in the validation of tools and methods that will be implemented to improve health and work performance in China. Target populations include sportsmen middle school students, pregnant women, civil aviation pilots, public security personnel, including police officers, etc.

  • Arizona State University

    Arizona State University’s office of Clinical Partnerships and the HeartMath Research Center have formed a collaborative relationship that combines the resources of HeartMath’s psychophysiology and stress-management laboratory with an innovative laboratory at ASU that studies hormones and neurotransmitters in relation to stress and resiliency in athletes, soldiers, students and adult populations. A number of studies are planned that will combine neuroendocrine and HRV measures in various populations utilizing HeartMath’s stress-management programs.

Technology Licensing

  • Quantum Intech, Boulder Creek, Calif.

    Quantum Intech (QI) researches, develops and licenses interactive technology to reduce stress, improve health and increase performance. QI is the premier technology licensing and e-business firm in the emerging "heart skills market." QI’s first patented product, the emWave® PC/Mac Stress Relief System, monitors and provides real-time feedback on heart-rate variability (HRV). QI has the exclusive worldwide licensing rights to intellectual property developed by the Institute of HeartMath. Contact QI to find out more about licensing opportunities for these technologies in the medical, corporate and sports arenas, or for emotion-regulated software/game entertainment and emotion-interactive toys. Go to Quantum Intech Web site.